Chat : a safe underground a single to 1 chat technique.

Outcomes : some previous code. It waits for some audio, applies an influence on it and sends audio back again to soundcard. Gcomposer : a system to compose music. It has a graphical person interface, is really keyboard-centric and gives audio suggestions.

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Gtkcooker : an abstract GUI language. The GUIs of gcomposer and xgprof are penned with gtkcooker. Markmalloc : a device to detect memory leaks in your C plans.

OA : a tool to experiment with sounds. OrangeTV : observe Television on your laptop or computer. Telephone : a quite uncomplicated SIP audio shopper, due to the fact linphone is a awful bloat. Phpoor : a secure link with a PHP world wide web server.

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Player : a uncomplicated audio player, for the reason that VLC is a bloat. Popit : a incredibly very simple application to speedily check out your messages on a POP3 server.

Has a great GUI. Posix : a activity.

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Rubiclox : an implementation of the Rubik’s clock. Rubix : a 3D implementation of the Rubik’s cube. SedWM : one. 2 (2008/05/sixteen) one. one (2008/04/07) 1. (no true day) A Window Supervisor for X Window.

[ Screenshot ] Not as modest as TinyWM. Sight : a basic exercise for vintage guitarists to do the job their sight-examining (x11 and android). Music : a tiny tool to file and mix audio information. It has a graphical user interface. Spectrojack : a spectrogram for the Jack world.

Sverb : a pleasant order 15 CFDN reverb. „Reverb“ indicates „artificial reverberation“. It adds naturalness to audio documents, by delivering a emotion of existence in some variety of space. It is a very typical audio effect, but a little bit high-priced. Tinlink : A software to make small ELF courses. Digital drum machine : digital drum device is a non-GUI drum equipment. Xgprof : a a lot quicker gprof with a awesome GUI.

Xlightoff : a small reflexion match (regarded as quinto I assume). Xsoundtrack : A application to make audio dependent on samples. 2.

Some hacks, things. More or a lot less reverse time get. pulseaudionano: a small version of PulseAudio, to fight the bloat. SDR (software described radio) swift notes, not to forget about. chess [model: ). MSA data files appear from the Atari scene as it appears. Anonymize a PDF file. Backup your phpBB3 knowledge. Some things all around the Commodore 64. I did the ICFP code contest. In 2003, in 2004, and in 2005. Some demo stuff. There is also the LTP3 web page and the LTP4 website page. AIFC to WAV translator. A instrument to translate audio documents from some AIFC encodings to WAV. Exporting a phpBB discussion board to RSS. (Does not operate with phpBB three. ) printscale. c. A small program to print a given scale (like A insignificant melodic) on the guitar. Help you save RealPlayer output. xpress2html. c. A resource to extract textual content from a Quark Xpress file. xpress2html. exe is a Home windows binary of it (by N8VI, it truly is his callsign, dig the world-wide-web to come across his make contact with). (xpress2html-gain. c and xpress2html-gain. exe to offer with Windows XPress information) Opera with no adverts. Lilimath sous linux (french only). ptrace. c. An exploit for old Linux versions. Config information. ffmpeg tips. 3. New music. Some compositions. Joyful birthday! for traditional guitar. Sight looking through for guitarists : examination/improve your sight studying. Khoomei’s web page : my little webpages about khoomei. The ney diary : some informations about my minor journey with the ney. Some steel music : ErdoДџan istifa! (Erdogan, resign!) (melody is from turkish „mevlana oyun havasД±“ Hayat (Eliz iГ§in) (interprets to: Daily life (for Eliz) ), some turkish lyrics in there: „Bu ne? bu hayat. Hayat zor. “ Interprets to: „What is actually this? This is life. Lifestyle is hard. “ Eliz‘ voice in there. Welcome on earth. You can see, it can be fun. Fuck your sexism, Dark obsessions, some, what? „obsessive“ steel? (drone/doom, perhaps. ) One particular hour lengthy, guitar/voice, Maya, a grind/sounds song for a newborn, Pitt Bull, a protect song let us say, Vive le vent, still a include (Jingle Bells concept, description of the song), Bloody Christmas, Lethal New Yr, an additional protect, Karcher, about, effectively, everyday living (description).