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How to Buy an Engagement Ring Just like a Millennial. A reputable online retailer will be happy to oblige with third party accreditation for your diamond or other gemstone(s).


p>We have included third party products to assist you navigate and enjoy life’s most significant moments. A Primer on Engagement Ring Styles. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission. The design of an engagement ring is dependent on the ring setting, the cut or shape of the stone as well as the precious metal that used to create the ring . How millennials consider how to buy an engagement ring is quite different from how our grandparents or parents did matters. Let’s look at each factor in more detail… A WeddingWire study sheds some light on how millennials are changing the game–from where they’re purchasing engagement rings to how far they’re spending.

The setting determines the way the stone (typically a diamond) really sits in or on the ring. Want to understand more about how millennials buy engagement rings? We’ve answered all your burning questions so that you can buy the best sparkler to your spouse-to-be–the most modern way. Let’s have a better look at the most popular ring setting fashions.

Here’s a rundown of how to obtain an engagement ring like a millennial. When there are many distinct kinds of engagement ring accessible nowadays, the most popular is still the solitaire ring that features a single stone, typically a diamond, set with a four or six prong mounting. Where should I shop for the ring?

Many lace rings are made out of a ring guard or ring wrap framing the fundamental stone, making it appear bigger. While half of millennials buy engagement rings in brick-and-mortar-stores, 1 in 4 actually buy their stone online. Pav Ring with Diamond Encrusted Band.

Online jewelry sites, like Blue Nile, are very popular choices for Generation Y, since they make it easy for couples to sift through a wide array of styles, preferences, and more. Pav engagement rings are encrusted with multiple tiny diamonds to give the illusion of a good diamond surface. But if you’re more old school and want to see the ring in person before buying, don’t freak out!

Figuring out that 1 in 3 millennials still opt to shop at mass retailers, like Zales or Jared, while nearly 1 in 3 buy from their regional jewelry shop. The pav setting can go around the whole band or halfway round, giving the ring extraordinary fire and brilliance. When should I buy an engagement ring?

Typically, you’ll discover a round brilliant or princess cut diamond utilized as the center stone in the majority of pav engagement rings. Nearly 50 percent of engagement rings are purchased two months or less before the proposal. Channel Place with Embedded Diamonds. Butthis doesn’t mean that you should wait as it comes to doing your research.

Channel set engagement rings feature diamonds or other gemstones which can be embedded inside a channel in the band of the ring. To be able to find the ring of your future forever’s fantasies, it’s a great idea to start the engagement ring buying process much earlier. This really is a sturdy setting as it is less likely to snag on her clothing than a solitaire or other ring style. This indicates you’ll want to know different discounts, from classic princess-cut to cool ovals, which means that you can more easily figure out what your partner would like. You are able to choose a channel setting in gold or platinum and a variety of diamond shapes and cuts. Keep your eyes and ears open, as well, since nearly 1 in 4 millennials drop hints for their spouses about the style of ring they want. Side-Stone Ring with Center Diamond.

Do I really have to spend three-months‘ salary on the ring? Side-stone engagement rings are composed of a bigger central diamond. While the two or 3 weeks ‚ salary principle has been around since the early 80s, (thanks jewelry ads!) According to our survey, nearly 40 percent said they compensated actually less than two-months‘ salary on their ring, while 34 percent said they spent over two-months‘ wages. It is flanked by 2 or more smaller sized diamonds, which add to the general dimension and brilliance of the ring. So, to answer this query, use your very best decision when you buy an engagement ring and don’t feel you want to break the bank. Three-Stone Ring with Center Diamond. Do I must buy a diamond ring?

Three- stone engagement rings feature a center diamond, or other precious gems, flanked by 2 side diamonds, said to signify a couple’s past, present and future. According to our survey, 70 percent of millennials still buy a diamond engagement ring.